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By Hour Revision

About the By Hour Revision

The “By Hour Revision” is best used for making small changes, if the changes are estimated to take over 2.5 hours we recommend an Additional Design Revision for £75, as your money will go further.

Before we make any changes we will call your provided contact number to talk through your changes, this is to ensure we are on the same page and don’t waste any of your purchased time.

We charge £30 per hour and it is billed in 15 minute increments of £7.50 making those small changes affordable.

0-15 Minutes = £7.50

15-30 Minutes = £15.00

30-45 Minutes = £22.50

45-60 Minutes = £30.00

This time can be used for anything website related including but not limited to:

  • Adjusting Website Page Layout
  • Re-Desiging Website Pages

The fee will be charged on your next monthly bill.

We will email you when your requests have been completed with the number of hours worked.